case study:
Keith Scarrott

We catch up with Sophie Scarrott, who runs family business Keith Scarrott, selling beautiful high-end leather goods, hand-made in Venice.

Sophie has worked with the Maybe* platform for several months taking part in social media 'listening' and as a result has developed the
Keith Scarrott product range, sales model and marketing campaigns.

"When the Maybe* platform started we were put forward to trial it and we had no idea what a success it would be. We knew our demographic, and it was a very local customer of certain age and background, but by listening in to what people were saying online, about shoe shopping and what they wanted, we were able to tap into that, develop a new product - the Keith Scarrott trainer - for a

new, younger audience and our sales have increased at a phenomenal rate.

Another way that we’ve been able to work with Maybe* is to find the right kind of social media 'influencers' and rather than automatically approach those with over 10k followers we could see instantly if their followers were a good fit for us.

Many of the ones we were recommended had a slightly lower number of followers but they were the kind of followers that would appreciate and love Keith Scarrott shoes.

We subsequently held an evening with 20 influencers from all over the UK, mainly London, who were shown what we offer and can now share our brand whenever they feel it fits an outfit or occasion they are posting about. We don’t give boots away for free though - we had been asked by a few influencers - the people we work with now genuinely love the brand.

We understand that there can be resistance with independent retailers wanting to embrace social media, as they believe it's more work, or some say that online shopping is hindering their bricks and mortar business, but social media is not going anywhere and we've found it's actually assisted sales.

We can use the platforms, predominantly Facebook and Instagram, to sell online but more importantly we can listen and understand what customers need instantly.

This means that although we're a business that's been around for decades, and don't have the budgets of huge retailers, we can use the platforms efficiently to move with the times, stay on top of trends and find we've got an even better relationship with customers that are based all over the country.